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Payday Loans

Living in Singapore can be difficult and expensive. And even with a paying job, if your payslip is even a day or two later than you expect, that can sometimes be enough to throw your budget off. Although it is not at all your fault, you can be punished for not having access to the money right away.

Enter the Payday Loan. Unlike the Personal Loan the Personal Loan, which is for larger personal projects and big ticket expenses, the Payday Loan is designed to be small, quick and accessible to anyone. To prevent sudden downturns or downfalls in financial situations, the loan is specifically made to be easily approved and the cash quickly disbursed, so that you don’t get punished by all those late fees and/or can pay for those sudden small expenses between now and the next pay check.

With a short loan term, easily paid off within the month, the payday loan is designed to give you a more flexible “payday” during the month when you need it the most. Instead of the end of the month, out of reach or if it might happen to be late due to administrative problems, pick when you need your payday the most.

Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or long durations. In order to provide convenient, liquid funds just to tide you over for the next pay period, the period of the loan is typically short and repayment is made within a day of receivership of the next pay check.

The easiest approval process

To make the process of application easy for you, only 3 documents are needed:

  • NRIC / Employment pass
  • Income Tax Notices of Assessment
  • Latest pay slip

Trusted, licensed moneylender

Don’t just pick any random moneylender, unlicensed moneylenders can charge you inflated interest rates and unreasonable handling fees, and even disappear on you! Check the Ministry of Law website for the list of licensed and approved moneylenders in Singapore to ensure that you are not being cheated.

Capital Funds Investment is a licensed moneylender in Singapore and we grant short-term cash loans to those who need them quickly to grant short-term cash loans to those who need them quickly, or who cannot get them from banks and other financial institutions.

Use loans wisely

Of course, you should only take a payday loan as big as you need, so that the interest is lower and you can pay everything back quickly and easily. Payday loans are not meant to be abused and can lead to even worse financial situations when people take them without taking their current lifestyle and earning potential into account.

That is why when you get a payday loan from us here at CFI, we have our financial service experts sit down with you to discuss your needs clearly. We will help you figure out how much you need and can afford and help you come up with a suitable timetable in which to repay the loan. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transaction with minimal fuss, to help you through the bumps in your life.

Alternatively, if you need a fast cash loan, or a foreigner loan, consider some of our other options!

Apply now online for a payday loan with us, or come down now to discuss how we can help you!

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