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Interest-free loans within a 2-week period

No interest if you settle the principal amount within 14 days on all loan products

First-time customers will also be eligible for a full administration fee refund, on top of no interest, should they return the principal amount in full within 7 days.


Best Lowest Interest Rate

We offer the best lowest interest rate in Singapore. We can match or give you an even lower interest than what other moneylenders are offering to you.


Extended Loan Terms

We provide up to 60 months of monthly installments for customers.


Hassle-free service

We offer in-principle approval online to help you save time from making a wasteful trip to our office.


Tailored Made Payment Schedule

We have the flexibility to negotiate both interest rates and administration fee to meet your specific requirements. Our aim is to customize and tailor our offerings to suit your individual needs.

Low Interest Loan – Capital Funds Investments

The Premier Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

As authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) Licensed Legal Money Lender in Singapore, or Moneylender, we have a proven track record of providing fast unsecured money loans to those in desperate need of it.

Whether it is a business loan to help you grow your business, a payday loan to help you tide over an unforeseen circumstance, or a foreigner loan you need because standard institutions do not trust you, we are here for you.

We offer an alternative to the rigid traditional loaning structures of Singapore and are dedicated to helping our customers overcome their unexpected expenses or financial difficulties.

Everyone has different financial needs in life. That’s why our products are customised to meet a variety of short and long term loans and advances. Sit down with our experienced financial advisors and let us come up with a package custom-tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Licensed Money Lender – Capital Funds Investments

Capital Funds Investment – Your Friend in Need

How CFI is a friend to those who need money, whether it is personal, business, etc.

Our loans are customized to meet your needs, whether you need a personal loan or a loan for your business. You can rely on us to give you a simple, adaptable, and responsible answer to your cash-flow issues.

Unfavorable conditions or financial difficulties, in our opinion, prevent our clients from having the future they deserve. We have a number of loans available from our licensed lenders that will give you another chance as quickly as feasible.

With our simple, low-interest loan options, you can avoid the stringent and tedious loan application process used by banks.

In short, with CFI, you get the money immediate and will have access to friendlier terms, higher borrowing limits, and flexible loan tenures.

Your Friend In Need – Capital Funds Investments

Determine The Loan that Suits Your Needs

CFI offers loan solutions suitable for a variety of financial needs. Browse through our offers to determine the best loan for your current circumstances.

Why Choose Capital Funds Investments?

CFI is a licensed and trusted moneylender in Singapore. Whether you need a personal or business loan, our loans are tailored to suit your requirements. Trust us to provide you with an easy, flexible and responsible solution to your cash-flow needs.

We believe unfavourable circumstances or financial struggles hold our clients back from the future they deserve. Our legal money lenders offer a variety of loans that give you a second chance as soon as possible.

Skip the lengthy loan process of traditional banks with our simplified, low-interest loan solutions. To expedite our loan process, we have set up an online loan application. Simply fill out the form and wait for our staff to get back to you within hours.

With CFI, you can get the money you need immediately and gain access to friendlier terms, higher borrowing limits, and flexible loan tenures. We may also help you improve your current credit score.

Best provider of alternative licensed lending services since 2008 | Capital Funds Investments (CFI)

Best Licensed Moneylender Lending Services Since 2008


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What About Eligibility?

We do not determine your loan paying abilities based on your credit history. Instead, we look at your current income. The state of your credit history does not matter. As long as you have proof of income, our team will work out a flexible payment plan that is within your paying capacity.

It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps to Get A CFI Loan

Step 1 | Capital Funds Investments (CFI)

Step 1

Apply loan and our personal loan specialist will give you a free loan consultation.

Step 2 | Capital Funds Investments (CFI)

Step 2

If you are satisfied with our service submit loan application and documents through Myinfo

Step 3 | Capital Funds Investments (CFI)

Step 3

Head down to our office to sign the contract and the cash will disperse to you on the spot.

Get in touch with our loan experts today to map out a loan plan that suits your needs. If you have more questions about our loans, you may send us an email at enquiry@loancfi.com or call us at +(65) 6281 7736.

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