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Capital Funds Investment – Your Friend in Need

In today’s tough economic climate, it can be difficult to secure that line of credit or cash to give you the boost in a difficult month when you need it. Whether it is an unfortunate accident or a step towards achieving your life goals, Capital Funds Investment is here to help you achieve safety and stability as you navigate towards your next step in life.

The Premier Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

As an authorized and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) Licensed Money Lender in Singapore, or Moneylender, we have a proven track record of providing fast unsecured money loans to those in desperate need of it. Whether it is a business loan to help you grow your business, a payday loan to help you tide over an unforeseen circumstance, or a foreigner loan you need because standard institutions do not trust you, we are here for you.
We offer an alternative to the rigid traditional loaning structures of Singapore and are dedicated to helping our customers overcome their unexpected expenses or financial difficulties.

Everyone has different financial needs in life. That’s why our products are customised to meet a variety of short and long term loans and advances. Sit down with our experienced financial advisors and let us come up with a package custom-tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle

What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Loan – Capital Funds Investments (CFI)


The CFI Business Loan is suitable for any start up or growing business looking to accomplish funding…

Debt Consolidation Loan – Capital Funds Investments (CFI)


The CFI Personal Loan is crafted to let you secure personal funds when you need it most…

Payday Loan – Capital Funds Investments (CFI)


Our CFI Payday Loan is the jumpstart that gets the circulation of money flowing in your finances…

Personal Loan – Capital Funds Investments (CFI)


CFI Debt Consolidation Loan is the right financial solution to find the financial help you’ve been looking for…

Office Location

Capital Funds Investments Pte Ltd
License No: 166/2018

Business Reg. Number: 201837323D
65 Ubi Crescent
#06-07, Hola Centre
Singapore 408559
Nearest MRT Station – Ubi MRT
1 min walk from Ubi MRT to here
Phone: (65) 6281 7736

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