For a quick personal project or expenditure

If you are looking for a personal loan to help you fund a small project, a large purchase, or even just a little bit more flexibility in your financial situation, then this is the perfect loan for you. Whether you’re looking to redo your house to fit a new incoming member of the family, medical emergency, or pay for an unfortunate accident like car repairs, we have you covered.

Approval for personal loans in Singapore can be difficult to get from banks. Particularly if you need the money quickly, as the approval and processing can take forever. Some reasons why it is difficult to get a loan from them are maybe because you have poor credit, your loan amount is too small for the banks, or they won’t even tell you why you got rejected. For all those people who cannot get approval from banks or who need a quick personal loan in cash, they can rely on licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

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This loan is ideal for those seeking

  • An unsecured loan – No requirement for any collateral!
  • A cash loan to deal with unexpected expenses such as traffic summons, car repairs, medical bills, etc.
  • A loan has a quick approval process and turnaround time, as banks will require numerous credit checks.

Quick and painless application

The application process is so simple, all you need is:

  • One form of ID, in the form of a driving license, a passport or an NRIC
  • Income Tax Notices of Assessment
  • Your latest payslip
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Why choose Capital Funds Investments as Your Personal Loan Provider

Capital Funds Investments is a licensed money lender in Singapore. Our personal loan facility is authorised by the Ministry of Law (Minlaw), which makes us a trusted operative to help you achieve stability with your finances. Throughout our years of operation, we have established a good track record and satisfied many clients by providing them with tailored personal loans.

Whether you need an unsecured loan or a cash loan to deal with unexpected expenses, our team of financial experts is adept at providing fast financial support to meet your needs. Our team ensures a quick approval process and turnaround time. They understand the importance of feeling confident with your finances and that funds are available when you need them the most. Our financial experts will give you professional advice on managing your loan.

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CFI’s Personal Loan Process

Our personal loan process means your application will be straightforward and hassle-free. First, you have to fill up the CFI Loan Application Form, which is accessible at any time and can be done in the comfort of your office or home. You can easily download the form here.

Next, our financial experts will assess your eligibility by reviewing your personal documents. Our finance experts will provide you with details about the submission of your documents. Email or call us at (65) 6281 7736 for any questions.

Finally, after the loan is approved, visit our office at 65 Ubi Crescent #06-07, Hola Centre 408559 to collect your money via cheque or cash.

If you need assistance in the application process, do not hesitate to call or email us. Our financial experts will respond as soon as possible.

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Don’t fret, take care of those bills today

The CFI Personal Loan is crafted with you in mind to allow you to secure personal funds when you need them the most, enabling you to meet any unexpected and future expenses. Apply online now, or sit down with our financial experts and find an amount, payment period, and interest rate that fits your ideal lifestyle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal loans are unsecured cash loans that are granted to borrowers to use for basically any purpose, unlike other loans that cater to specific needs such as a business loan or home mortgage.

As they always say, no amount of money is ever enough. A personal loan offers you greater financial flexibility as it may be used for various reasons, such as for funding a passion project or making a big-ticket purchase. No matter what stage you are at in life – be it for your upcoming wedding or home renovations, or to deal with unprecedented expenses such as medical bills or traffic summons – we are here to provide you the financial boost you need.

Depending on the bank, most financial institutions have various requirements such as a clean credit history or minimum monthly salary, to deem you eligible for a loan.

Our personal, unsecured loan programme offers instant cash relief and a quick approval process and turnaround time, unlike banks which will require time to conduct numerous credit checks. What’s more, our team of financial experts are also here to tailor a personal loan that best suits your individual needs and lifestyle, while also providing advice to help you achieve your longer-term goals.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or above as of the date of application
  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident with a valid work permit

No. However, the total loan amount that we grant under this programme will depend on your salary and other personal financial information that you may supply us.

We are still open to granting your loan once we verify your submitted documents.

To be apply, we simply require you to produce:

  • One form of ID, in the form of a driving license, a passport or an NRIC
  • Income Tax Notices of Assessment
  • Your latest payslip

Once your application has been submitted with all of the required documents, it will only take a hour or less for your loan application to be reviewed and approved, after which we will issue you a cheque, cash, or bank transfer depending on your preference.

No, so long as you provide and meet our abovementioned requirements. After receiving and reviewing your documents, we will determine if your preferred loan amount will be granted, or otherwise, suggest an alternative amount for your consideration.

The maximum tenor for our personal loan is three years. You may indicate your preferred tenor, although it is subject to our review and approval while we process your loan request.

May I fully repay the loan at any time before my tenor ends, when I have available funds?
Yes. We will not charge an early repayment fee, and any outstanding interest owed to us will be waived should you settle the owed amount earlier than agreed.

You may consolidate your personal loan with CFI, along with other personal loans you have taken and are currently repaying, into our debt consolidation loan programme. To find out more, click here.

Yes, but you may only do so at least one month after the approval of your personal loan with us.