Different Types of Money Loans

Different Types of Money Loans 29/10/2022

In August 20222, the amount commercial banks loaned to Singapore citizens exceeded SG$200 billion.

Of course, banks are not the only financial institutions offering Singaporean citizens loans. So do licensed lenders whose entire purpose is to connect you with various loans that meet your needs.

Stick with us to learn more about the types of loans you can expect from a legal money lender in Singapore.

Business and SME Loan

If you have an excellent business idea but no funds to make it happen, this type of loan can help make your plans a reality. Whether you are just starting your enterprise or want to expand and build on your existing assets, you can apply for a business and SME loan.

These types of loans do not require collateral and are specifically made for and given to small and medium enterprises for their endeavors. However, your enterprise needs to have existed for at least a year before you can apply for the loan.

Personal Loan

You can take out a personal loan for any reason, from consolidating debt to funding small projects and refinancing credit cards. Getting a personal loan from a bank can be challenging and complicated, especially if you have bad credit.

That is where licensed lenders come in. Instead of putting yourself through the in-depth process banks mandate, you can turn to a legal money lender in Singapore. The approval time for these loans is minimal, and you are not required to provide collateral to secure the loan.

Renovation Loan

Renovation Loan

Housing in Singapore is incredibly pricey, regardless of your home type and whether you are the owner. That is why funding real estate renovation is considered such a significant investment. Whether you are a landlord who rents out housing units to others or a homeowner who wants to improve your living quarters, a renovation loan can go a long way.

Instead of putting off the necessary repairs and improvements your home needs, you can apply for a renovation loan and make your living quarters feel like a home.

Tailor-made Loan

One of the best possibilities that licensed lenders offer is a tailor-made loan. This loan does not fall into any other loan categories, as its specifics are adjusted to your needs. That includes variable loan amounts, low rates, flexible payment plans, and the freedom to choose what you use the loan on.

The application for this kind of loan requires minimal documentation, so the process is quite fast. An expert from your money lender of choice will create a loan from scratch that meets all your requirements with your guidance.

The Best Licensed Lenders in Singapore: Capital Fund Investments

Regardless of the type of loan you are applying for and your reasons for it, you want to get one from an established, legal money lender in Singapore. While you can choose from plenty of options, not all are trustworthy and legitimate.

That is why you should turn to Capital Fund Investments for all loan matters, regardless of the sum and cause. We will take care of all of your financial needs with the lowest interest rates and a tailor-made payment plan.

Contact us today to learn more!

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