Financial Freedom: Repaying Your Outstanding Loans with a Debt Consolidation Plan

Financial Freedom: Repaying Your Outstanding Loans with a Debt Consolidation Plan 29/05/2020

Are you having a hard time repaying your credit card and personal loans? Are you swamped with debt and find it hard to track all your outstanding bills?

If you’re having difficulty paying for your debt, apply for a debt consolidation plan. You’ll find a variety of financial institutions in Singapore, especially Capital Funds Investments, that can help you repay your loans at a low interest rate.

What is a Debt Consolidation Plan?

A debt consolidation plan, or a DCP loan, is a repayment scheme that combines all your unsecured debt into one loan. Instead of repaying your debt to different financial institutions, you’ll be paying back the total amount to only one institution.

Unsecured debts include outstanding credit card bills and personal loans. The lender managing your consolidated debt pays them off, so your focus is to repay only one lump sum every month.

Advantages of Getting a DCP Loan

The consolidated amount may intimidate you, but combining everything you owe under a DCP loan has its advantages:

  • Saves Money

DCP loans have lower interest rates compared to credit cards and other unsecured forms of credit. Since you don’t have to pay high interest, you save money on interest payments. As such, your monthly payments become more affordable, easing your financial burden.

  • Better financial management

Consolidating outstanding loan saves you the burden of having to monitor every single due date of a bill. Combining them in one lump sum helps you manage payments more efficiently.

Applying for a Debt Consolidation Loan

You can choose to apply for a debt consolidation loan in a bank or a private lender like Capital Funds Investments.

For convenience and peace of mind, we encourage you to apply for a DCP loan at Capital Funds for these reasons:

1: Few requirements

Lenders under the Association of Banks in Singapore require you to submit a long list of requirements to apply for a DCP loan. Besides a photocopy of your National Registration Identity Card, you must provide your latest Credit Bureau report and proof of income.

Capital Funds Investments simplifies the process. You only need these requirements:

  • One form of ID
  • Payslip
  • CPF contribution notice or income tax notice for the last 12 months

2: Quick turnover time

Banks take a long time to process a DCP loan application. You could wait weeks before hearing feedback on the status of your application.

We process your DCP loan application for up to 30 minutes. This means the time you would have waited for the status of your application goes into repaying your consolidated loan.

3: Low interest rates

DCP loans have low interest rates and at Capital Funds Investments, we offer a maximum of 3.9 per cent interest per month. Depending on your application, you can pay a lower interest amount.

Trustworthy Financial Lenders in Singapore

Even if you feel your outstanding bills are overwhelming you, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be swamped with debt forever. Apply for a debt consolidation plan under a reliable loan provider.

Trust Capital Funds Investments to consolidate your unsecured debt so you can pay them at low interest rates. We are licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Law, and we commit to easing your financial burden.

Debt relief is never easy, but with our expertise, it is possible. Take control of your debt today and call us on 62817736.

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