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Licensed Moneylender Debt Consolidation in Singapore

Debt Consolidation Loan - Capital Funds Investment

Does every month end with you swamped in debt and being hounded by money lenders who have cheated you and are charging you insanely high interest rates? Or are you drowning in credit card debt and finding it difficult and painful to track how much you owe in interest payments? Are you struggling to find relief from the monthly payments? Applying for our debt consolidation loan in Singapore is a great way to save money and achieve a lower interest rate across all your loans. It works by combining all your unsecured loans, like all the balances you might owe to other money lenders and credit cards and combining them into one lump sum. While the idea of owing so much to one entity may seem intimidating at first, it is much safer, as we are approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) licensed money lender and would never seek to cheat you. Furthermore, you will be able to derive a lowered interest rate with us and be able to save more money.

Simplified Process
• Min age of 21 years
• Maximum 30 minute turn over time
• Only need 1 form of ID
• Maximum 3.9% interest per month
• No minimum or maximum loan amounts
• Don’t forget to bring along a payslip, last 12 month CPF contribution notice or income tax notice

How it works

Credit cards and unscrupulous, unlicensed money lenders are always on the lookout for the innocent to cheat and often have unfairly compounded and high interest rates and numerous hidden fees that can make it tremendously difficult for you to find debt relief. It can be very difficult with the high interest rates to find ways to pay off the debt you owe. Owing money to all these people can be confusing and difficult to track and can lead to missed payments, or even payments to the wrong cards.

By making use of a debt consolidation loan in Singapore, you will most importantly be able to achieve a lower interest rate than before. Furthermore, consolidating your debt into one account will allow you to keep track of the total amount and interest rate, letting you pay just one simple monthly payment.

Lastly, working with a trusted financial institution like Capital Funds Investment will allow you to tailor your loan repayment plan into one suited to your lifestyle needs and salary.

Benefits of debt consolidation

• Lowered interest rate
• Easy tracking of the consolidated loan in one place
• Tailored minimum monthly payments and loan duration
• Quick and easy application – We will release the loan to you as soon as the documents are signed and approved!

Trustworthy and responsible

Be careful when choosing a debt consolidation loan provider. There are many cases, especially of non-licensed moneylenders and debt settlement companies online and off who might run away with your money. These companies typically offer very low interest rate loans, with very high upfront fees, and once they have taken your initial payment will close up and vanish. Always make sure that you are dealing with a licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) Licensed Moneylender

Capital Funds Investment is licensed by the Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) and we promise never to scam you. We look to give people the ability to use the best financial tools on the market and believe in not making people pay more than they should. Our financial service specialists will work with you to find the best way to combine all your loans in one package, giving you the lowest interest rates and the longest windows you need to help you fulfil your goals. Contact us now to hear more about what packages we carry and let us know how we can best help you.

Debt relief is never easy but there is no need to make it more difficult than it has to be. Take control of your debt today, contact us now, secure a debt consolidation loan and let us help you get debt-free!

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